Peppa Pig inspired Scrap Book

Rs. 250.00

Ignite your child's creativity with our personalized scrapbook for kids! Designed to be a treasure trove of memories and imagination, this scrapbook is the perfect way for your little one to capture and cherish their special moments.

With a customizable cover featuring their name or a special message, this scrapbook becomes a unique keepsake that they can proudly call their own. Inside, the pages are filled with endless possibilities, ready to be adorned with photos, drawings, stickers, and more. Whether it's documenting family vacations, school adventures, or creative projects, our personalized scrapbook encourages self-expression and storytelling. It's a wonderful way for children to develop their artistic skills and create a collection of cherished memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Each Scrap book cover is printed on card stock paper with the child's name to make it personalised. It looks like a magazine with Front and Back covers with graphics.

Size : A4
No. of Pages: 8 (coloured)

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